We are Burlington Family Practice:

Dr. Dillard

Michael Dillard, M.D.

Dr. Dillard was born and raised in Great Falls, Montana and attended Montana State University in Bozeman. He graduated from the University of Washington School of Medicine in 1981 and completed the 3-year family medicine residency program at East Maine Medical Center in Bangor, Maine in 1984. Michael worked for the Indian Health Service on the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation from 1984 to 1986 and then joined Randall Miller, M.D. at Burlington Family Practice where he has provided care for several generations of Skagit Valley patients for the past 24 years.

Michael enjoys hiking, skiing, fly fishing, cinema, and reading a good book.

Dr. Abbott

Dale Abbott, M.D.

Dr. Abbott grew up in Darrington, Washington, and has deep ties to the Skagit Valley where all of his grandparents were born. He attended Washington State University and the University of Stirling (Scotland) and graduated from WSU in 1980. After completing his medical training from the University of Washington in 1984, he entered the University of Utah Family Medicine Residency program at McKay-Dee Hospital in Ogden, Utah and finished in 1987. He spent two years working in urgent care in the Salt Lake City area and moved home to Washington in 1989 to join Randall Miller, M.D. and Michael Dillard, M.D. at Burlington Family Practice. He has been with the practice for 20 years.

Dale enjoys hiking, photography, gardening, good films, good humor, and travel.

Dr. Stark

Eric Stark, M.D.

Dr. Stark grew up in central California and Colorado. He worked for a time as a recreational river guide and an enthusiastic ski patroller before entering medical school at Stanford in 1990. After graduating in 1994, he attended the Swedish Hospital Family Practice program in Seattle. After completion of his training in 1997 he joined Burlington Family Practice where he keeps the place humming with dynamic energy.

Eric enjoys outdoor pursuits (especially with his two equally energetic kids), mountain climbing, skiing, and backpacking. He spends more time than he would like on home improvement projects, and he is a passionate cook.

Amy Cantrell

Amy Navarre Cantrell, PA-C CDE

Amy was born and raised in Iowa and earned her master’s degree as a Physician Assistant at the University of Iowa in 1994. She spent 12 years in a rural family medical clinic in Darrington, Washington, and her varied background includes experience in emergency medicine and diabetes management.

Amy believes that patient education is an integral part of the practice of medicine. Amy lives in Arlington with her husband Rob, two young sons, and many four-legged creatures. Amy loves to spend her free time playing in the snow, in her garden, or just hanging with her boys.


All of our physicians are certified by the American Board of Family Medicine, and are members of the American Academy of Family Physicians.